Shooting with Andrea + Nick.

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

This last September while in Oregon, I received a text from a good old friend. It was Andrea. She said she had some news for me, and immediately I knew she was expecting! I was so excited, but she completely threw me off with the next photo she sent me; a sonogram and two pumpkins. Andrea is pregnant...with twins!!

Ice Castles in Dillon, Colorado.

Starting with the announcement...

It was mid October, a sunny but chilly day in Colorado Springs. Nick, Andrea and I catch up from the years that had passed. Married since 2014, they shared their adventures of buying a house, traveling to Japan, and all the details of the pregnancy thus far. The three of us went back and forth guessing what the genders would be. Andrea lived in a family of girls, so she was predicting to hopefully mix things up with two boys, or a boy and a girl. We all joked about her having two girls, how she would have to go through what her Mother did with her and her younger sister Chelsea. [ We all knew they never ever fought... right, Flo? ha-ha! ]

And then there was a gender reveal party...

It's the morning of December 1st, and everyone is giddy for the gender announcement. I'm stuffing my face with pink and blue donuts while Andrea + Nick are mingling, glowing with excitement. Everyone's nerves are on edge.

We sit. The boxes are being opened. Everyone leans in a little closer, trying to get a glance at the colored balloons. Suddenly the room fills with laughter, cheering, applause, while pink confetti and streaming string starts flying everywhere! There you have it, two baby girls on the way.

Shooting at the Ice Castles.

December 30th, it's a bone chilling afternoon in Dillon Colorado. The sky is full of depth and color. We meet at the ice castles and the insane amount of beauty distracts us away from the wind and lower temperatures. Each icicle unique and attributing to the massive structures, caves, and tunnels that surrounded us. It was way more crowded than I had ever seen the place. Near the holidays, on a weekend, and close to sunset, a high volume of people was to be understood. I'm so used to shooting in privacy, while waiting in line, I had mentally accepted a challenge I assumed awaited me.

I should have never assumed, because it was anything but. I couldn't believe how this shoot glided through such a busy place with such ease. As we walked around the castles, compliments were thrown left and right at Andrea by strangers all around. Women going out of their way to tell her how stunning she looked. We got lucky exploring around the place, coming around empty corners and ice rooms here and there. There was one moment I had Andrea standing in one of the more open areas, she mentioned having eyes on her, and one older man chimed in, "Forget them! You look great!"

She did look great, incredible, in a light I have never witnessed from her in the decade I have known her. The person who impressed me the most was Nick. I always saw how he looked at Andrea before in a couple various events of meeting him, but this moment was different. There was a different light here, an even brighter look in his face this time. I lost count of the times Nick told Andrea how amazing she looked, how wonderful she was through this incredible life event, his little pregnant winter "goddess".

My heart melted listening to Nick admire her. Watching those two and getting to capture them behind the lens was such an honor.

I cannot wait to see their adventure as parents unfold, and for spring to come so we can finally meet the two perfect Bowers babies. Andrea, Nick, here's to the next chapter...cheers!

With all my love,



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