Behind the Lens.

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Meet your photographer.

Estes Park, CO.

Hello! Let me unofficially introduce myself, my name is Rachael Forrest, a Colorado native, coffee enthusiast and road-trip addict. My journey in photography started from Kodak cameras as a kid in the 90's, to freelancing in college and documenting weddings and the adventures in between.

For me, photography has always been fuel to the fire. It has inspired me to trek further, wake up earlier and stay up later. It has introduced me to the incredible experiences of life on the road, where I am humbled by the opportunity to explore new places and take creative risks.

Most of all, my love for photography is consumed by the wonderful people I meet and the unforgettable stories captured along the way.

Getting a first glace at the Bixby Canyon Bridge.
First glance of the Bixby Canyon Bridge.

Do you and your person love surfing?

Let's get in the water.

Are you guys backpackers?

Pick a mountain.

Show me what you two love!

Whether your vision is eloping in the Rockies, or on a cliff in Iceland...maybe a small wedding in the little church of your hometown---your story is genuine and I believe your big day should be captured in that light. 

I can't wait to meet you.


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